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– New Prints –

It's been so long since a newsletter came out that there are quite a few new prints to list!

Beech Super King Air

Two new Super King Air prints are available. They are of the one airframe in two different schemes:
The usual US Navy training scheme and a 1942 replica scheme commemorating 100 years of USN aviation

Cessna 182

Some new Cessna 182 prints are available. Again, we have the one airframe at three different stages of its career, and a second scheme that just took my fancy!

Piper Warrior and Seminole Prints

Moorabbin Flying Services has increased its fleet with a further 4 Piper Warriors and a another Seminole. Prints are now available.

Vans Aircraft RV-8A

Vans Aircraft are very popular homebuilt aircraft from the US. The generic blue version is available as a print and commissions for individual aircraft are welcome. The two other prints are restricted issue created for the pilot/owner.

Hino FF172 CFA Fire Truck

One for the ground-pounders. The Hino FF172 truck cab/chassis was used extensively by the Country Fire Authority as both tanker and pumper. They served faithfully from the 1970s into the 1990s.

– Print Price Reduction –

Price restructure gives lower print prices

We've had a pricing restructure at Grubby Fingers. A new schedule of fees for commissions has meant we can take a little pressure of the print prices and they have been dropped across the board to AUD $25 (inc GST).

Don't hesitate to ask us for a price on getting your favourite plane, train or automobile drawn up. It's probably a lot more affordable than you think. Commission fees start at just $100.

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– Kiowa Prints Coming! –

The Kiowa prints ARE still coming!

I've been stuck into a pile of commissions lately, so the profiles-of-choice have been slipping down the queue. As you can see, a fair bit of progress has been made and it should be finished some time in the new year.

There will be a large range of Kiowa profiles available soon. I intend covering all the major ADF colour schemes, including the RAN low-skid units and the early Vietnam US Army loaners. I've tracked down a couple of Kiowas with stories attached, and they'll be covered as well.

The Bell Jetranger won't be forgotten either. I'll be creating a collection and early and current 'Rangers including many of the prominent news helos from the 1980s and 1990s, Dick Smith's Australian Explorer and a very handsome Ansett machine.

Some particularly striking overseas schemes will be featured as well.

If there is particular Kiowa/JetRanger you'd like to see in print, let me know and we'll see what we can do.

– Webshop Update –

Shop Update

I sat down recently and added recent print releases to the Shop. To my surprise I had 27 new prints to add! These are now up in the Grubby Fingers on-line shop and available to buy.

– Product Reviews Section –

New Book Review Section

A new section on the site, the Books and Publications pages deal with reviewing books and other references. Most of the reviews are by local author and well-respected historian, John Baxter.

New reviews will be added as they are submitted, and with John being an author AND working in the book trade, they will be timely and contemporary.

You can get to the new section here.

– Waverley Scale Modelling Club –

Waverley Scale Modelling Pages

I have included another new section on the site, representing Waverley Scale Modelling Club inc.

As a member of the club, and being on the Committee, I was aware of the a lack of Web-prescence for the Club. In an effort to address this, I have included an "Officially Unofficial" sub-site with the Grubby Fingers site.

This is intended primarily as an information centre for the Club so people who are looking for us can at least get some contact info.

As the pages develop, they will include info on upcoming events, recent events, and galleries of member's models.

You can get to the new section here.

– Pilatus PC-12 Profiles On The Way –

PC-12 Prints

The Pilatus PC-12 has revolutionised the feederliner airline industry by being the first single-engined type certified for commercial airline work. It is also proving very popular with organisations such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service. An example of the PC-12 in RFDS livery is the first PC-12 subject we are tackling.

Prints will be available soon!

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That's it for this issue of The Grubby Truth! See you next time.

Graeme Molineux