Bf 109 Late Versions

Bf 109 Late Versions

Camouflage and markings

Author: Krysztof W. Wolowski

This is a modeller’s dream! If you’re building a late model Messerschmitt Bf 109, that is. 112 pages containing all you need to know to differentiate between the late Bf 109s; and a multitude of colour schemes to go with them. The types portrayed are Bf 109G-5/AS, Bf 109G-6/AS, Bf 109G-14, Bf 109G-14/AS, Bf 109G-10 and the Bf 109K-4.

Now, be warned – this is for modellers in the main but it will also be important to the dedicated Luftwaffe enthusiast as it covers the differences between these variants in great illustrative and narrative detail! That means engine types, water-methanol boosts, oil coolers and supercharger intakes, werknummers, canopy types, equipment/conversion kits, rudders and trim tabs, long and short tail wheels, and radio antenna masts. Even with all this, it still remains difficult in some instances to say black is black and white is white – there are shades of grey! As this book explains.

It’s an impressive work with 83 colour profiles (plus fourteen upper camouflage schemes – something often left to our imagination/deduction when trying to work from a port or starboard profile), 14 colour photographs, 56 black and white photos, black and white line drawings and exhaustive, supportive text. Don’t go expecting operational history – there is none! It’s about camouflage and markings, and to that end contains a colour chart with eleven late war paint ‘chips’ giving RLM descriptors plus colour separations in both CMYK and RGB values or proportions – excellent if you wish to mix your own.

This gem comes A4 sized with a stiff colour card cover in the ‘White (Rainbow) Series’ as No 9110. It isn’t just good; it’s superb and relatively inexpensive for the amount of visual information contained, alone. If you’re interested in building a late model Bf 109, then this definitely needs to pass under your gaze. ‘Bf 109 Late Versions’ is available from Platypus Publications, Box 13, Post Office, Glenbrook, NSW 2773, for about $45 plus postage. Or at Hyland’s Bookshop in Melbourne (03 9654 7448). Many thanks to Ley Reynolds of Platypus Publications for the review copy.

John Baxter

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