Point Cook 2008 Photo Gallery

Point Cook 2008 Air Pageant Photo Gallery
In February 2008 the RAAF Museum at Point Cook hosted its bi-annual Air Pageant. It was a tremendous day with good crowds and a a great aerial display. The weather was fine and sunny, as you will see in the pics. The flying displays included a shark-mouth formation with Mustang, Kittyhawk and Spitfire doing a formation display, Mustang formation, Harvard formation, helicopter rescue demonstration, Herc and Caribou shows, aerobatics by Pip Borrman and displays by Boomerang and Wirraway aircraft.

This event is well worth the effort to catch, so keep an eye out for the next one on the GrubbyDates page.

The RAAF Caribou put on a good show again demonstrating its famous STOL capability.The RAAF Roulettes' S-76 safety chopper put on a siulated rescue, dropping a crewman down and recovering a "patient".Pip Borrman doing a doughnut after his awe-inspiring display.
3 Mustangs in formation.The wonderful Boomerang.The Mustang of Dick Hourigan and Judy Pay.
Another Mustang.The third 'Stang. This one is the RAAF's own machine. It suffered a belly landing in March 2008 so it is back in the workshop being repaired.CAC Wirraway.
The CAC Boomerang.The CAC Boomerang.North American Harvard trainer.
Another Harvard.The Wirraway.Temora's Vampire taxying past the Herc.
Harvard.Deperdussin A monoplane.Pip Borrman's aerobatics mount, an Edge 540.
It's a Yak 18-T apparently!The Yak 18-T again.CAC Wirraway.
Lockheed Hudson.Warbird lineup.Harvard flightline.
One of the Harvards that lives at Tyabb.De Havilland ChipmunkChipmunk again.
DH Chipmunk.DC-3.Chipmunk.
I think this is a Stinson.Yak 52Cessna O-1 Bird Dog.
Cessna O-1 Bird Dog.CAC Winjeel.Mustang.
Temora's Spitfire. This bird was once owned by Col Pay.More Mustangs.The Temora Spit.
T-28 Trojan.P-40 Kittyhawk.The museum's HS-748 "Budgie" under wraps.
The Herc sporting it's new two-tone colour scheme.Warbird flightline.I think this is a Piper Apache.

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