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This page was last updated 17 January 2013

Quite often I am asked to create a print for a special occasion, as a memento or even a memorial for the fallen.

I take real pride in these prints as I know they have special significance for the recipient. The creation of each tribute print involves open communication with the person organising it, to make sure they are getting precisely the feel they are after and that they are happy that the print is appropriate in content and emotion.

The prints included in this gallery are not available for sale. They are included here as a guide and, perhaps, inspiration for a tribute print of your own.

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Tribute Prints

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Tribute print celebrating 25 year anniversary of the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Memorial print for 3 Vietnam veteran pilots killed in a single air crash Retirement gift for an ex-CFA Firey
Tribute to first Australian woman soldier killed since WWII Retirement gift for exArmy pilot

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