Cessna 336 VH-GKY
Walkaround Gallery

Cessna 336 VH-GKY Walkaround Gallery.

Cessna 336 skymasters have always been rare beasts. In Australia, we have seen a dispropotionately large number of the less-than 200 built. One reason for this is that they saw early airline use around New Guinea and the surrounding islands. Those that survived that rugged environment tended to migrate south to the Big Island. Even so, it appears that less than 10 of them have made it onto the Australian civil register.

VH-GKY was at one stage operated by Territory Airlines.

Many thanks to David Dixon of Dixons Recycled Records for permission to post these pics of his aircraft

Straight up the date. Looking across that distinctive tail arrangement. Starboard fin. The lower portion of the fin was shortened considerably on the later 337.
Aft fuselage. General view of the port fuselage. Port side front. On the later 337, the engine was dropped to improve forward view. I believe the angle of the entire wing/boom/tail assembly was altered to achieve the same end.
Front engine cowling. Nose gear. Front cowling detail.
Spinner and prop. Main gear wheel. Rear engine cowling. Note the cooling fan in the shroud. Cooling the rear engine was often an issue in 336s and 337s.
The intake vent over the cabin. Notice it is much shorter than that on the 337 and quite a different design. Nose gear detail. Up the nose.
McCauley prop logo detail. Cabin door handle. Cockpit window detail.
Luggage compartment hatch. Port wingtip. Say "Hi!" to Andrew from MFS. Overall view.
From the front. Always a handsome aircraft! Landing light in the wing. That original tailfin.

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