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Here is a collection of links that I use regularly. I mean that. If the link is here, it is one of my regulars and I have found it to be useful. I have broken them up into categories to make them easier to find and I've given you an idea of what you'll find there. Let's go surfing!


Profiling communities, how to's, graphic arts, that sort of stuff.

Australian Society of Aviation Artists
This site includes galleries and info on the Society and upcoming events. I am a member of the ASAA.

Simmers Paintshop
Here's a great find. Heaps of reference, tutorials and a great forum with some really helpful and friendly contributors. This is my home away from home. It covers skins for aviation sims and aircraft profiles.

Paper Engineering

These links all have something to do with card models or paper engineering.

Phillip Fickling Paper Engineering

Scale Modelling

These links all have something to do with scale modelling.

Aeroscale Modelling Community
This is part of a whole set of sites for all kinds of scale modelling. Fantastic forums and very helpful people.

This site focusses on Australian and New Zealand AFVs. It has some great reference.

Aussie Modeller International
Great site full of info and help for those of us who model Australian subjects. Very helpful and active forum, too.

Finescale Modeler Magazine
A wonderful American magazine full of those imposingly perfect models I was talking about. A nice friendly forum there too.

Helikit News
Helicopter-themed modelling site. Great forum. Lots of reference and helpful advice.

IPMS Stockholm
A world-renowned set of colour charts here. One of the first places to stop for modellers and illustrators.

Perth Military Modelling Site
Very interesting site covering many aspects of Australian military subjects for modellers.

Red Roo Models
Excellent manufacturer and supplier of Australian-themed modelling accessory sets, decals and models.

Scale Rotors
Helicopter modelling site with reviews and galleries and a forum.

Strictly Scale
Strictly Scale is a website run by Sean McHale. In it he showcases his extraordinary radio control scale jet aircraft.

Model Manufacturers

As I come across websites of actual kit manufacturers, I will list them here

Round 2 Models
These guys appear to have bought up quite a few of the old AMT, MPC and Polar Lights molds. They are re-releasing many kits I haven't sen for years. Mainly autos and sci-fi. The website doesn't have a whole lot of info, but it does tell you what is available and what is scheduled for imminent release.


Any of my regular image libraries and walkaround resources are here.

Airwar Plans
This site has a whole stack of good drawings and plans, apparently scanned out of magazines. Quite a few walkarounds too, if you can translate the Russian!

Aircraft Walkaround Centre
Another huge resource with access to thousands of walkaround galleries.
HUGE photographic resource. Especially handy as it is completely cross-referenced and searchable and includes times, dates, regos and construction numbers. So good!

Aussie Airliners
This site has quite a bit of info and a lot of pics of airliners that have seen service in Australian liveries. It includes quite a bit of early stuff from the WWII years as well as recent gear.

Bell Helicopter
Home of, you guessed it, Bell Helicopters!

This is a collection of general arrangement drawings, usually unattributed and of doubtful copyright. Neverteless, an extensive resource.

Free Aircraft Fonts
A handy source with some great military fonts links. Also some markings and graphics, but a lot of these are JPEG, not vector.

Heaps of chopper reference, walkarounds, news etc.

The Hopton Collection
John Hopton's collection of aircraft photos extends into the thousands of images. It represents a uniquie glimpse into Australian aviation history. There are prints available for sale through his shop.

IPMS Stockholm
A world-renowned set of colour charts here. One of the first places to stop for modellers and illustrators.

NH Industries
Home of the NH90 / MRH90.

Sikorsky Helicopters
Home of the Black Hawk

Vector Portal
Great resource with heaps of free downloadable vector graphics. Some military markings.

AgustaWestland Helicopters
Heaps of tech info here in the downloadable PDF maintenance docs.

Aviation Prints

The Competition! What am I thinking? Let's face it, I'm not the only one doing this and I may not have what you want. If I don't, firstly ask me! It may be on the drawing board. Otherwise, someone else may have done it.

Aviation Graphics
HUGE range of profile prints available here, mainly US and Italian subjects. Really nice quality.

Flyingart Shop
UK print seller.

Stephen Mudgett
Stephen has quite a range of US military stuff from various eras.

Squadron Prints
UK site with a big range of English and US subjects.

Mark Styling Aviation Illustrator
Another huge range of prints. Focussing on US military subjects. Mark seems to do a lot of the official squadron prints.


These sites include defence departments and such.

Australian Army
The official Australian Army website.

Royal Australian Air Force
The official RAAF website.

Australian Air Museums

I have a big list of Aussie air and military museums here. I believe it is complete, but I won't promise!

Web Stuff

Here are some links I have found handy while putting this site together.

SiteSell, the home of Site Build It!
This is the biggy! Grubby Fingers Aircraft Illustration is a SiteBuildIt! site. I am strictly a non-techy, I just want to draw. SBI! lets me build this site with no prior HTML or anything and it takes you through the whole process step by step. It hosts, it gives you back stats and there is an astounding forum that answers all your questions. It's a big world-wide community now. You still have to do all the work, writing, uploading and stuff, but SBI! holds your hand all the way. Thoroughly recommended!!

HTML Tutorials
I found these tutes were really good for a beginner like me. It gave me an understanding of the basics.