Other Aviation Walkaround Galleries

Other Aviation
Walkaround Galleries

Drones, Targets, UAVs, ejection seats, weapons Walkaround Galleries: These galleries are all of un-manned flying vehicles and other bits and pieces that are aviation-relatedThese are all my own photos. I took these for my own illustration and modelling reference. I have larger versions available. If you want something bigger, drop me a line through my Talk to me! contact page.

I hope you find something here of use. I will be adding more as I take them.


Graeme Molineux

This page was last updated 16th November 2023


GAFIsraeli Aircraft IndustriesEjection Seats

Government Aircraft Factories

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GAF Jindivik Walkaround Gallery

GAF Jindivik N11-750 RAN
Fighter World Museum
RAAF Williamtown Newcastle NSW -2014

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Israeli Aircraft Industries

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IAI Heron Walkaround Gallery

IAI Heron A43-253 RAAF
Point Cook Centenary of Military Aviation
RAAF Williams Point Cook Victoria 2014

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Ejection Seats

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Martin-Baker MkV Ejection Seat Walkaround Gallery

Martin-Baker MkV Ejection Seat
Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
Pier 86 Manhattan NYC USA 2016

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Martin Baker 16L Walkaround Gallery

Martin Baker 16L Zero-Zero Ejection Seat PC-21
RAAF West Sale
Sale Victoria 2019

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