Bell 205 VH-NSQ NSCA
1-35 Decals

The Chopper

Back in the 1980s Australia boasted a world class Sea Air Rescue and safety organisation in the National Safety Council of Australia. With a large fleet of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, boats, trucks and even a ship, the NSCA was very prominently in the public eye. VH-NSQ was one of several single engined Bell 205s it operated.

The Decals

These decals were originally designed for the Panda 1:35 UH-1D kit, which has now been re-released by Dragon with some extra goodies including new parts and photoetch (including pre-painted instrument panel). The original Panda kit is quite well detailed and builds into a reasonable representation of a UH-1D straight out of the box. Removing the tailcone, squaring off the main door windows and adding a couple of aerials will give you a nice replica of VH-NSQ.


These decal sheets are all available through my webshop.

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