Bell 212 VH-NSA NSCA
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The Chopper

Back in the 1980s Australia boasted a world class Sea Air Rescue and safety organisation in the National Safety Council of Australia. With a large fleet of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, boats, trucks and even a ship, the NSCA was very prominently in the public eye. VH-NSA was one of the fleet of big Bell Twin Hueys they used.

The Decals

These decals are designed for the Panda kit, which may well now be a Dragon kit. The kit itself is quite well detailed and builds into a reasonable representation of a 212 / UH-1N straight out of the box. However, to accurately portray VH-NSA, you may choose to make a few additions and amendments. These changes include: • Adding boxes under the nose and tail boom
• Removing the tail cone and adding the substructure
• Altering the cabin windows and adding a strake to the doors
• Adding boxes, wooden floor panelling and a winch to the interior
• Moving the tail rotor to the port side
Extending the landing skid legs and adding a belly tank (optional) • Adding flotation gear (optional)

These are the main visual changes. I have seen pics of this bird with and without the tall legs and belly tank and with and without floatation gear, so you have some choice there. I will put a build article covering these modifications in the modelling section of the site. There are, of course, any number of other improvements you can make to the model.


These decal sheets are all available through my webshop.

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