Douglas C-47 A65-95
Walkaround Gallery

Here's a Douglas C-47 A65-95 walkaround series taken at Avalon Airshow in 2009. A65-95 (VH-EAE) is one of the HARS fleet and they use it as both a support aircraft and for flying displays.

C-47 A65-95 01.C-47 A65-95 02C-47 A65-95 03
C-47 A65-95 04C-47 A65-95 05C-47 A65-95 06
C-47 A65-95 07C-47 A65-95 08C-47 A65-95 09
C-47 A65-95 10C-47 A65-95 11C-47 A65-95 12
C-47 A65-95 13C-47 A65-95 14C-47 A65-95 15

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