North American (CAC) CA-27 Sabre
Walkaround Photos

Here's a CA-27 Sabre walkaround of the Avon-powered Sabre down at Moorabbin Air Museum. This bird appears to be an amalgamation of several airframes, so I don't think all of it is actually A94-989, but some of it probably is. It is a strange mix of parts, too. The wing is the wet 3-6 F-86F wing of the Mk 32, but the gun ports are the original type that were changed very early on. I have seen photos of this early gun port on the prototype aircraft, A94-101, but not on any others. A94-101 stil has its, so I don't know where these have come from!

It is also missing ailerons and dive brakes. These are being stored under shelter to prevent wind damage.

Port side. The extra depth in the nose of the CA-27 to accomodate the large intake, compared to the F-86F that it is based on, is immediately apparentPort nose showing the prototype blast tube. This is significantly different on service aircraft.Close up of the blast tube. The CA-27 replaced the 3 x .50 cal machine guns of the F-86F with 2 x 30mm Aden cannon.
The tip of the intake surround includes a radome.Note the deep shape of the intake.Nosewheel. This is incomplete, and hes been rotated 180°. The leg should run down this, port, side to the wheel hub.
Close up of the nosewheel. There were two styles of nosewheel used on CA-27s.Nosewheel from the front.The radome wrapping into the intake.
Port side of winscreen.Overall port nose. All this is different to the F-86F.Wing root and ammo bin access panel.
Gun access panel.Canopy detail.Trailing edge wing root.
Rear port fuselage showing the break in the fuselage. This is located quite a bit further back than the F-86F as the Rolls Royce Avon engine was smaller and lighter than the original GE powerplant. This meant moving the engine backward to maintain the original centre of gravity.Some of the auxiliary venting for the Avon.The missing dive brake.
Detail on the fin root.Overall tail.Overall tail and fuel dump pipe.
Fuel dump pipe detail.Fuel dump pipe detail from above.Extreme tail.
Fin root detail.Upper finp.Straight up the date.
Tail detail.Wing fence.Nose again.
Wing fence inboard face.Wing root.Wing root.
Outboard filler cap for wet leading edge of 3-6 wing.Overall wing tip.End of landing flap detail.
Inboard pylon and Sidewinder rail.Sidewinder rail nose.Inboard pylon and Sidewinder rail.
Back end of Sidiwinder rail.Inboard pylon attachment detail.Underside of Sidewinder rail.
Underside of stbd wing leading edge showing outer pylon and rocket projectile attachment points.Underside of port tailplane.Stbd fuselage detail
Stbd fuselage detail.Stbd side of cockpit.Stbd nose. Note that the access hatches are completely different from port to starboard.
Underside stbd nose showing nose gear door.Underside showing speed brake and inside main gear bays, looking forward.Stbd nose.
Looking down the nose.Port main gear looking outboard.Underside of rear fuselage.
Underside scoop detail.100 gal tank.

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