Silver Centenary VH-USC
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Built over 1929–1930, the Silver Centenary was constructed without plans or drawings. As a result, it was not able to be certified as airworthy at the time as no engineering or stress calculations could be verified. It made 9 or so hours of flights in the early 1930s and was then retired to hang in the powerhouse where it was designed and built. After Selby Ford's (the owner and builder) death in a car accident in 1963, it was displayed in various museums. In 2006 Selby Ford's grandson, Rod Edwards, decided to restore the Silver Centenary to flying condition. 77 years after it was first constructed, the Silver Centenary got it's airworthiness certificate and now graces our skies again.

It was shot at Avalon Airshow, March, 2009.

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