Caribou DHC4 A4-234
Walkaround Gallery

DHC4 A4-234 walkaround from Avalon 2009. The Caribous are due to be retired from ADF service in 2009 so this airshow was, I believe, their last public performance. Many of the 'Bous are Vietnam Vets and have served Australia for nearly 50 years. I will miss the wonderful growl of it's two P&W engines.
What will replace the Caribous has yet to be decided as at May, 2009.

DHC4 A4-234 01.DHC4 A4-234 02DHC4 A4-234 03
DHC4 A4-234 04DHC4 A4-234 05DHC4 A4-234 06
DHC4 A4-234 07DHC4 A4-234 08DHC4 A4-234 09
DHC4 A4-234 10DHC4 A4-234 11DHC4 A4-234 12
DHC4 A4-234 13DHC4 A4-234 14DHC4 A4-234 15
DHC4 A4-234 16DHC4 A4-234 17DHC4 A4-234 18
DHC4 A4-234 19DHC4 A4-234 20DHC4 A4-234 21
DHC4 A4-234 22DHC4 A4-234 23DHC4 A4-234 24
DHC4 A4-234 25DHC4 A4-234 26DHC4 A4-234 27
DHC4 A4-234 28DHC4 A4-234 29DHC4 A4-234 30
DHC4 A4-234 31DHC4 A4-234 32

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