M113 FSV Walkaround Photos

M113 FSV walkaround gallery from the Australian War Memorial.

Here’s an example of Aussie ingenuity: What do you do if you want to give your APCs some extra clout and you have just retired your old Saladin armoured cars? You guessed it! The M113 FSV (Fire Support Vehicle) combines the standard M113A1 chassis with the turret and armament from the Saladin.

While it certainly did give the M113 more punch, there was a trade off, you lost the amphibious ability and the drastically increased weight reduced the life of the drive train. There was a second variant that used the British Scorpion turret. In Army service these FSVs were generally referred to as “Beasts”

M113 FSV Pic 1M113 FSV Pic 2M113 FSV Pic 3
M113 FSV Pic 4M113 FSV Pic 5

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