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Pantheon Museum

Pantheon Museum, Basel, Switzerland

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Just outside the city of Basel in Switzerland is this unusual building. It is circular and the interior floors are formed as a single spiral that winds its way up the outer walls, creating a single, multi-level floor. Arranged along this circular spiral floor is a huge collection of classic cars and automotive displays. Considering the relatively open and, let's say crude, construction of the building, the cars are in exceptional restored condition. Those that are restored, anyway. Many of the cars are unrestored and have a wonderful patina of age and use. The theme continues with some of the exhibits actually being rusty hulks! Even with this, the museum is very clean and uncluttered and the displays are excellent. If you have any interest in motoring at all, make the effort to visit this museum if you can. I have photos of many of the vehicles on display in the gallery of my pics you can access via the link below.

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