Pilatus PC-9 A23-32
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This PC-9 A23-32 walkaround is another from Avalon, March, 2009. This FAC version is in the low visibilty ghost grey scheme. I commented about the practice bomb racks under the wings and how much they looked like the those from a Winjeel, the PC-9 predecessor's predecessor. I was informed that they were, in fact, the same racks. Now that's making use of a resource!

PC-9 A23-32 01.PC-9 A23-32 02PC-9 A23-32 03
PC-9 A23-32 04PC-9 A23-32 05PC-9 A23-32 06
PC-9 A23-32 07PC-9 A23-32 08PC-9 A23-32 09
PC-9 A23-32 10PC-9 A23-32 11PC-9 A23-32 12
PC-9 A23-32 13PC-9 A23-32 14PC-9 A23-32 15
PC-9 A23-32 16PC-9 A23-32 17PC-9 A23-32 18
PC-9 A23-32 19PC-9 A23-32 20PC-9 A23-32 21
PC-9 A23-32 22PC-9 A23-32 23PC-9 A23-32 24
PC-9 A23-32 25PC-9 A23-32 26PC-9 A23-32 27
PC-9 A23-32 28PC-9 A23-32 29PC-9 A23-32 30
PC-9 A23-32 31PC-9 A23-32 32PC-9 A23-32 33
PC-9 A23-32 34PC-9 A23-32 35PC-9 A23-32 36
PC-9 A23-32 37PC-9 A23-32 38PC-9 A23-32 39
PC-9 A23-32 40PC-9 A23-32 41PC-9 A23-32 42
PC-9 A23-32 43PC-9 A23-32 44PC-9 A23-32 45
PC-9 A23-32 46PC-9 A23-32 47PC-9 A23-32 48

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