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7 Pathfinder Drive
Caloundra Aerodrome
Caloundra, Queensland

P: (07) 5492 5930
F: (02) 5492 5930

Caloundra is located about 100km up the coast, north from Brisbane. There you will find the Queensland Air Museum.

QAM has quite a large collection of aircraft, some of them quite unusual and at least one that is unique.

Among the more unusual aircraft on display is a British Sea Vixen. Just how that got to Australia is a tale in itself. You can find out about it on the QAM official website (link below).

One aircraft in their display that I know to be unique is their Cessna 336: VH-CMY. It's the only 336 that has been modified with a swinging-tail. The rear of the centre fuselage nacelle could swing to one side to allow the loading of large items that would not fit through the normal doors. The feature was disabled some time ago, but the hinges are still fitted.

Much of the collection is kept under cover in a large open-sided hangar. While this is understandable and applaudable for the preservation of the airframes in the extreme Queensland weather, it does mean they are rather crammed in and difficult to see and photograph.

The Museum is very active in the procurement, refurbishment and preservation of aircraft that come under their care.

Image Gallery

To see a photo gallery of the pics I took while I was there in 2012, click on the picture below. There are also full walkaround galleries of the Tiger Moth, Ventura, Piaggio, Cessna 336, Caribou, Canberra, Hunter and Sea Vixen in the walkaround section of my site.

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