Rosenbauer Tender
Walkaround Gallery

Rosenbauer Tender walkaround from Avalon 2009. These guys are contracted to look after Melbournes airport, including Tullamarine, Essendon and Avalon.

Rosenbauer Tender01Rosenbauer Tender02Rosenbauer Tender03
Rosenbauer Tender04Rosenbauer Tender05Rosenbauer Tender06
Rosenbauer Tender07Rosenbauer Tender08Rosenbauer Tender09
Rosenbauer Tender10Rosenbauer Tender11Rosenbauer Tender12
Rosenbauer Tender13Rosenbauer Tender14Rosenbauer Tender15
Rosenbauer Tender16Rosenbauer Tender17Rosenbauer Tender18
Rosenbauer Tender19Rosenbauer Tender20Rosenbauer Tender21
Rosenbauer Tender22Rosenbauer Tender23Rosenbauer Tender24
Rosenbauer Tender25Rosenbauer Tender26Rosenbauer Tender27
Rosenbauer Tender28

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