Sikorsky S-76 VH-LHN
Walkaround Gallery

This S-76 VH-LHN walkaround has been taken at Avalon 2009 airshow. This S-76 is the crash rescue bird for the Roulettes and it goes most places with them. It was also at the Point Cook 2009 Air Pageant. I couldn't get very close to it, so the pics leave a bit to be desired.

Sikorsky S-76 01.Sikorsky S-76 02Sikorsky S-76 03
Sikorsky S-76 04Sikorsky S-76 05Sikorsky S-76 06
Sikorsky S-76 07Sikorsky S-76 08Sikorsky S-76 09
Sikorsky S-76 10Sikorsky S-76 11Sikorsky S-76 12
Sikorsky S-76 13Sikorsky S-76 14Sikorsky S-76 15
Sikorsky S-76 16Sikorsky S-76 17Sikorsky S-76 18
Sikorsky S-76 19Sikorsky S-76 20Sikorsky S-76 21
Sikorsky S-76 22Sikorsky S-76 23

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