Erickson S64F Aircrane
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The bright orange Erickson Aircranes are now a familiar sight in the worlds fire danger hotspots. This fleet of helibombers travel the world following the sun and the fire danger, like seaonal fruit pickers following the crop. Kind of itinerant do-gooders. The most popular of these birds would have to be Elvis, N179AC. It always seems to be Elvis that gets the limelight, just because of his name, despite the fact that the whole fleet all works just as hard.
They certainly earned their keep fighting the Black Saturday Victorian bushfires that claimed 173 lives in March.
The day I got access to the tarmac to take these pics, all six Aircranes that had been in Australia for the 2009 fire season were on the ramp. It was an impressive sight. I even witnessed a lifting demonstration for some potential cients. The big orange helos were being prepared for disassembly and shipment. Two were going to Greece and four to the States.

S64F N179AC "Elvis" 001.S64F N179AC "Elvis" 002S64F N179AC "Elvis" 003
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 004S64F N179AC "Elvis" 005S64F N179AC "Elvis" 006
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 007S64F N179AC "Elvis" 008S64F N179AC "Elvis" 009
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 010S64F N179AC "Elvis" 011S64F N179AC "Elvis" 012
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 013S64F N179AC "Elvis" 014S64F N179AC "Elvis" 015
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 016S64F N179AC "Elvis" 017S64F N179AC "Elvis" 018
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 019S64F N179AC "Elvis" 020S64F N179AC "Elvis" 021
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 022S64F N179AC "Elvis" 023S64F N179AC "Elvis" 024
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 025S64F N179AC "Elvis" 026S64F N179AC "Elvis" 027
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 028S64F N179AC "Elvis" 029S64F N179AC "Elvis" 030
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 031S64F N179AC "Elvis" 032S64F N179AC "Elvis" 033
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 034S64F N179AC "Elvis" 035S64F N179AC "Elvis" 036
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 037S64F N179AC "Elvis" 038S64F N179AC "Elvis" 039
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 040S64F N179AC "Elvis" 041S64F N179AC "Elvis" 042
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 043S64F N179AC "Elvis" 044S64F N179AC "Elvis" 045
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 046S64F N179AC "Elvis" 047S64F N179AC "Elvis" 048
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 049S64F N179AC "Elvis" 050S64F N179AC "Elvis" 051
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 052S64F N179AC "Elvis" 053S64F N179AC "Elvis" 054
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 055S64F N179AC "Elvis" 056S64F N179AC "Elvis" 057
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 058S64F N179AC "Elvis" 059S64F N179AC "Elvis" 060
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 061S64F N179AC "Elvis" 062S64F N179AC "Elvis" 063
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 064S64F N179AC "Elvis" 065S64F N179AC "Elvis" 066
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 067S64F N179AC "Elvis" 068S64F N179AC "Elvis" 069
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 070S64F N179AC "Elvis" 071S64F N179AC "Elvis" 072
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 073S64F N179AC "Elvis" 074S64F N179AC "Elvis" 075
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 076S64F N179AC "Elvis" 077S64F N179AC "Elvis" 078
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 079S64F N179AC "Elvis" 080S64F N179AC "Elvis" 081
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 082S64F N179AC "Elvis" 083S64F N179AC "Elvis" 084
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 085S64F N179AC "Elvis" 086S64F N179AC "Elvis" 087
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 088S64F N179AC "Elvis" 089S64F N179AC "Elvis" 090
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 091S64F N179AC "Elvis" 092S64F N179AC "Elvis" 093
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 094S64F N179AC "Elvis" 095S64F N179AC "Elvis" 096
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 097S64F N179AC "Elvis" 098S64F N179AC "Elvis" 099
S64F N179AC "Elvis" 100S64F N179AC "Elvis" 101

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