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Tehniški muzej Slovenije - Technical Museum of Slovenia

Tehniški muzej Slovenije, Bistra 6, 1353 Borovnica, Slovenia

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We were on a driving holiday in 2017 and travelling through Slovenia when we came across some interesting buildings, canals and waterwheels. We explored and found we had stumbled upon the Slovenian Museum of Technology. The museum is housed in an old monastic compound, the sort of place that functioned as a walled town and offered education and trades training. All very self-contained. Much of the original structure is still there, although only one or two of the waterwheels is still functional. Inside you will find a great collection of vehicles and artifacts telling the story of development within Slovenia. One aparent throwback to the Soviet era is that in each gallery there wss small guard booth with a uniformed attendant. Presumably they talk to each other on the radio as when we inadvertantly wandered off the prescribed path and a guard appeared out of nowhere and politely-but-firmly guided us back to the straght-and-narrow! This is a fascinating complex as it not only showcases technological developments, but also gives a glimpse into how this society would have been run when the place was built.


Click here to see a photo gallery of my own visit.

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