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Visiting the Midway is impressive. There are no two ways about it. Even at half the displacement of something like a Nimitz class, it's still big. Add to that the ship's history, relatively recent retirement and how intact the interior is and it's almost overwhelming. Then add to that nearly 30 aircraft on display, on-board activities, displays and even a cafe, it is a very impressive package.

Particularly to an Aussie like me who grew up thinking the HMAS Melbourne was big! I spent a whole day on the USS Midway and they had to heard me off at closing time. I've visited it three times now and it still holds me spellbound.

The audio tour is great. It takes you on a twisting trip through the bowels of the ship and shows you many of the critical areas, giving you a glimpse of life on board. It takes a couple of hours to do the complete tour and even then you probably only see 10% of the ship. Much of the ship is off-limits and locked off, as you'd expect.

You can also do a Bridge guided tour that takes you up into the superstructure and gives you a birds-eye view of the flight deck.

The aircraft on display are all in excellent shape and there is an ongoing refurbishment and preservation plan. The displays were different on each of my visits and some of the aircraft had been reshuffled or replaced.

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To see a photo gallery of the pics I took while I was there, click on the picture below. There are also walk round galleries of many of the museum's display aircraft in the walk around sections of the site.

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