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French Valley Airport
Winchester Road
Murrieta, California, USA


I discovered Wings and Rotors Air Museum when we were staying with friends in Temecula, California, in 2010. I had noticed an airfield nearby and I was taking my usual nose-around the access roads when I noticed a Phantom II nose poking out from a hangar. After much jumping up and down I got one of the workers attention and he came and let me in.

The museum was just getting set up at that stage but they kindly let me in to have a look around and take some pics.

It turns out the Phantom is the only one in private hands and the museum is taking it back to flying condition! All their aircraft are fliers and they regularly exhibit at air shows.

They already had the Phantom underway when I was there. They also had a Bell UH-1B and OH-58 Kiowa flying. Looking at their website (see link below) they now also have a Sikorsky UH-34D in the air.

Well worth a look if you are in the area.

Image Gallery

To see a photo gallery of the pics I took while I was there, click on the picture below. There are also walk round galleries of the Huey and Phantom in the walk around sections of the site.

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