Abrams Walkaround Gallery

This Abrams walkaround shows the Australian Army’s new hard-hitter.

The Abrams has been bought to replace the old Leopard Is the Black Hats have been running around in. The Aussie version of the Abrams is the M1A1 AIM(SA) (Situational Awareness) variant, which has extensive electronics and communications suites to enable a greater awareness of battlefield conditions. We are taking 59 MBTs and 6 armoured recovery chassis (HERCULES: Heavy Equipment Recovery Combat Utility Lift System. Don’t you just love a contrived acronym?).

I saw a doco on these particular tanks, in fact, the red Roo insignia was prominent on the hulls of the machines shown. They are existing hulls that have been completely rebuilt to zero hours and heavily upgraded. They are very much better-than-new. They represent the most current and formidable version of the Abrams. I believe the US Marines are taking on the same version.

Linked with this acquisition is the procurement of a fleet of Drake low loader trailers and 4 Boeing C-17 Globemaster III transports to cayy them around. This one was sitting on the ground at Avalon 2007. No doubt there was a moving display in the Army mobility display, but I missed that.

Abrams M1A1 Pic 1 Abrams M1A1 Pic 2 Abrams M1A1 Pic 3
Abrams M1A1 Pic 4 Abrams M1A1 Pic 5 Abrams M1A1 Pic 6
Abrams M1A1 Pic 7 Abrams M1A1 Pic 8 Abrams M1A1 Pic 9
Abrams M1A1 Pic 10 Abrams M1A1 Pic 11 Abrams M1A1 Pic 12
Abrams M1A1 Pic 13 Abrams M1A1 Pic 14 Abrams M1A1 Pic 15
Abrams M1A1 Pic 16 Abrams M1A1 Pic 17 Abrams M1A1 Pic 18
Abrams M1A1 Pic 19 Abrams M1A1 Pic 20 Abrams M1A1 Pic 21
Abrams M1A1 Pic 22 Abrams M1A1 Pic 23 Abrams M1A1 Pic 24

  • ANZ Defender Magazine. Fullbore Magazines Pty Ltd.

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