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The Aviation Historical Society of Australia is a national organisation of people dedicated to recording Australia’s diverse aviation heritage.

Australia has a rich aviation history. The shear size of the continent made the use of aircraft almost essential and there were many pioneering feats undertaken here. We also have a proud history of military involvement in most of the major conflicts. The AHSA is concerned with all aspects of aviation in Australia, from the early pioneering days through to the present, and from General and Commercial Aviation through to the most recent military acquisitions.

If you are interested in Australian aviation history or have a particular task or research project in mind, get in touch and they should be able to help.

Likewise, if you know something that others may not, or if some documentation or photos have come in to your possession and you feel they may be of some importance, there will be someone within AHSA who will be able to advise you.

They have branches and regular meetings Australia wide and they publish newsletters and magazines several times a year.

You can get a better idea and a complete rundown of their activities at their website:

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