Aircraft Illustration Samples

This selection of samples covers some fairly quick work I did for Aviation Theory Centre. Most of the line illustrations were to be included in their own existing illustrations for the purposes of updating ADF publications. Blackhawks replaced Hueys, F/A18s replaced types less relevant to Australia and it's likely theatres of operations.

Most of these were created by tracing over a digital photo of a scale model. I find this is a very effective way of getting the angle just right. You can also control what stores are loaded, something you have no say over if you use a found photo.

Blackhawk pic 1 Chinook pic 2 CT-4 pic 3
FA-18 pic 4 FA-18 pic 5 FA-18 pic 6
FA-18 pic 7 Kamov pic 8 King Air pic 9
Kiowa pic 10 PC-9 pic 11 PC-9 pic 12
Skyhawk pic 13 Tiger pic 14 Kiowa pic 15

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