AESL Airtourer VH-JVV
Walkaround Photos

The AESL Airtourer T6/24 is a development of the Victa Airtourer light trainer aircraft. After manufacturing efforts failed in Australia, the rights to the aircraft were bought by NZ concern Aero Engine Services Limited (AESL) who went on to make hundreds of them and sold many of them to Australia and the RAAF as the CT-4 Airtrainer!

This example was built for the Singaporean armed services and served there as a basic trainer. Here it is seen at Avalon in 2007.

VH-JVV pic 1 VH-JVV pic 2 VH-JVV pic 3
VH-JVV pic 4 VH-JVV 5 VH-JVV pic 6
VH-JVV pic 7 VH-JVV pic 8 VH-JVV pic 9

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  • Aero Australia magazine. Issue 11. Henry Millicer and Victa. Macarthur Job and Stewart Wilson.

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