Piper Archer VH-TXQ Walkaround Gallery

Piper Archer VH-TXQ Walkaround Gallery.

Another one of the Moorabbin Flying Services training fleet, VH-TXQ is a common sight in the skies around Moorabbin airport. Very similar to the Piper Warrior, the Archer has a different engine and cowling arrangement as well as a few detail differences.

Prints of all the Moorabbin Flying Services fleet are available at the Grubby Fingers shop.

Overall view of the tail.Rear fuselage.Port wingtip.
Port side of cabin.Front port side.Front port side.
Looking down on the port wintip light.Underside of the port wingtip light.Navlight on the port wingtip .
Underside of the port wingtip.Overview of the port wingtip.Spinner.
Intake on cowling.Straight up the nose.Underside of the nose.
This view shows the curves of the cowling well.Starboard nose.Port side of cabin.
Lower rear port fuselage vent.Rear port fuselage.Fin fillet.
Vents on cabin roof.Tailplane trim tab actuator.Aerial on stbd rear fuselage.
Cabin entry door.

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