Bristol Beaufighter
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Here is a Beaufighter walkaround of the centrepiece of the Moorabbin museum. The ANAM (Australian National Aviation Museum) and AARG (Australian Aircraft Restoration Group) were created initially to preserve this particular aircraft and it has grown from there to be quite a significant collection.

The RAAF has operated a total of 581 Beaufighters. Of these, 217 were English built and the other 364 DAP (Department of Aircrft Production) built in Australia.

This particular airframe, A8-328, an Australian-built example, was constructed at the end of the Second World War. It saw extensive service as a target tug from 1945-1956. It was then donated to The Lord Mayor’s Children’s Camp at Portsea and was played on for many years before being donated to ANAM in 1962.

It has been painted to represent a Beaufighter from 31 Squadron, A8-39, as a tribute to those who served.

Beaufighter A8-39 Pic 1
Overall view of port nose. The lighting in the museum is not very bright!
Beaufighter A8-39 Pic 2
A bit further away. This airframe was used as part of a kids playground for many years, so the skin is quite badly dented and rippled.
Beaufighter A8-39 Pic 3
Underside showing gun ports and entry hatch. These things were quite tricky to get into.
Beaufighter A8-39 Pic 4
Crew access ladder.
Beaufighter A8-39 Pic 5
From the top of the access ladder looking forward over the folded pilot's seat.
Beaufighter A8-39 Pic 6
Looking aft from the access ladder into the observer's bubble.
Beaufighter A8-39 Pic 7
Looking aft from the observer's seat.
Beaufighter A8-39 Pic 8
Stbd cockpit wall.
Beaufighter A8-39 Pic 9
Port cockpit wall.
Beaufighter A8-39 Pic 10
What is left of the pilot's seat, leaned back, and the pedals.
Beaufighter A8-39 Pic 11
General cockpit view
Beaufighter A8-39 Pic 12
Looking aft at Observer's position.
Beaufighter A8-39 Pic 13
Overall stbd view.


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