Bristol Beaufort Walkaround Gallery

I’ve kind of gone to town on this Beaufort walkaround. We had just aquired it from Ralph Cusack in Brisbane, who is rebuilding a Beaufort to flying condition, and I got a bit excited. I was going to draw a set of illustrations but I haven’t got around to it yet.

The RAAF operated 700 Australian-built Beaforts of various marks. It was a significant milestone in Australian aviation as we had no local aircraft manufacturing capability prior to the Beaufort. An entire manufacturing industry sprang up to make the components and assemble the airframes.

There are only a handful of Beauforts left in the world and I believe Ralph’s will be the only flier.

Beaufort Pic 1Beaufort Pic 2Beaufort Pic 3
Beaufort Pic 4Beaufort Pic 5Beaufort Pic 6
Beaufort Pic 7Beaufort Pic 8Beaufort Pic 9
Beaufort Pic 10Beaufort Pic 11Beaufort Pic 12
Beaufort Pic 13Beaufort Pic 14Beaufort Pic 15
Beaufort Pic 16Beaufort Pic 17Beaufort Pic 18
Beaufort Pic 19Beaufort Pic 20Beaufort Pic 21
Beaufort Pic 22Beaufort Pic 23Beaufort Pic 24
Beaufort Pic 25Beaufort Pic 26Beaufort Pic 27
Beaufort Pic 28Beaufort Pic 29Beaufort Pic 30
Beaufort Pic 31Beaufort Pic 32Beaufort Pic 33
Beaufort Pic 34Beaufort Pic 35Beaufort Pic 36
Beaufort Pic 37Beaufort Pic 38Beaufort Pic 39
Beaufort Pic 40Beaufort Pic 41Beaufort Pic 42
Beaufort Pic 43Beaufort Pic 44Beaufort Pic 45
Beaufort Pic 46Beaufort Pic 47Beaufort Pic 48
Beaufort Pic 49Beaufort Pic 50Beaufort Pic 51
Beaufort Pic 52Beaufort Pic 53Beaufort Pic 54
Beaufort Pic 55Beaufort Pic 56Beaufort Pic 57
Beaufort Pic 58Beaufort Pic 59Beaufort Pic 60
Beaufort Pic 61Beaufort Pic 62Beaufort Pic 63
Beaufort Pic 64Beaufort Pic 65Beaufort Pic 66
Beaufort Pic 67Beaufort Pic 68Beaufort Pic 69
Beaufort Pic 70Beaufort Pic 71Beaufort Pic 72
Beaufort Pic 73Beaufort Pic 74


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