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Here are some bell47 walkaround photos. This little Bell 47G is one of the displays at the Australian War memorial in the Vietnam gallery. I shot these when I was in Canberra in 2005.

In 1967 in Vietnam, Army Captain J. Campbell landed this aircraft, A1-404, c/n: 3404, a B47G-3B-1, in a minefield several times to rescue injured Australian soldiers. This action earned him the distinguished flying cross.

Bell 47G A1-404 Pic 1Bell 47G A1-404 Pic 2Bell 47G A1-404 Pic 3
Bell 47G A1-404 Pic 4Bell 47G A1-404 Pic 5Bell 47G A1-404 Pic 6
Bell 47G A1-404 Pic 7

Some years ago I visited an "Antarctic Experience" attraction in Hobart, Tasmania. There were some terrific displays including a wind-chill room where you dressed in appropriate gear and were subjected to a sub-zero blast of cold air, piloting an ice breaker on a simulator and various antarctic vehicles.

This Bell 47 was flown by Helicopter Utilities in support of the Australian Antarctic bases.

Unfortunately that attraction seems to have disappeared.

Bell 47G VH-UTA Pic 1Bell 47G VH-UTA Pic 2

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