Bell 212 VH-JJY Walkaround Gallery

Bell 212 VH-JJY Walkaround.

I saw this Twin Two Twelve on the apron down at Moorabbin in January 2009. Coincidentally, it was parked in the same spot as C-AFGK was in 2007 and the construction numbers are consecutive (VH-JJY: 30900, C-AFGK: 30901). The Helicorp pilot, Wayne, took me over it. He said that the dayglo orange panels are painted on for firefighting work to make JJY easier to see, and are repainted in a more corporate scheme for the rest of the year.

Helicorp have quite a fleet of choppers now including 205, 212 and 214s. VH-NNN is one of their 205s. They do a lot of helitack fire fighting work in the summer. They also run the operation that brings the big orange Sikorsky / Erickson Aircranes for the fire season.

The fold-down passenger seat in the rear cabin.Spineboard / stretcher and rescue gear behind the pilots' seats.Interior of the rear cabin. Note the red rapelling frame.
Side seats right in the back of the cabin, port side.Instrument panel.Instrument panel.
Centre console between the pilots' seats.Overhead console.Collective.
Port side nose.Port side cabin.Port side rear fuselage.
Tailboom.TailfinHose and snorkel for sucking up water.
Tailboom detail.Snorkel hanger detail.Side door and roof detail.
This is the cover for the emergency panel release handle.Front door detail.The reason for this chopper's existance here: the belly tank.
Belly tank detail.Antennas under the nose.More tank details.
Looking straight along the port entry step.Overall 3/4 view.Under the chin.
Unusual skids and clamps. Notice the ridge running along the side of the skid.Stbd rear of the bellytank showing snorkel intake.More bellytank details.
Snorkel intake.Snorkel hanger and remote release.Tail rotor.
Stbd side rear cabin.Starboard side.Storage compartment hatch.
Stbd cockpit door.Rotor head.Rotor head detail.

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