Bushmaster Walkaround Gallery

Another of the static displays at Avalon 2007, here is a Bushmaster walkaround.

The Bushmaster is an Australian designed and developed Infantry Mobility Vehicle (IMV) that is seeing extensive service with the ADF in Afghanistan and Iraq, and is generating considerable OS interest. The Bushmaster has excellent mine survivability as well as good small arms protection.

This particular chassis is an RAAF unit used for airfield defence. The RAAF Bushmasters vary from the Army units in having extra roof hatches and gun mounting points.

Bushmaster Pic 1Bushmaster Pic 2Bushmaster Pic 3
Bushmaster Pic 4Bushmaster Pic 5Bushmaster Pic 6
Bushmaster Pic 7Bushmaster Pic 8Bushmaster Pic 9
Bushmaster Pic 10Bushmaster Pic 11Bushmaster Pic 12
Bushmaster Pic 13Bushmaster Pic 14Bushmaster Pic 15
Bushmaster Pic 16Bushmaster Pic 17Bushmaster Pic 18
Bushmaster Pic 19Bushmaster Pic 20Bushmaster Pic 21
Bushmaster Pic 22Bushmaster Pic 23Bushmaster Pic 24
Bushmaster Pic 25Bushmaster Pic 26Bushmaster Pic 27
Bushmaster Pic 28Bushmaster Pic 29Bushmaster Pic 30
Bushmaster Pic 31Bushmaster Pic 32Bushmaster Pic 33
Bushmaster Pic 34Bushmaster Pic 35Bushmaster Pic 36
Bushmaster Pic 37Bushmaster Pic 38Bushmaster Pic 39
Bushmaster Pic 40Bushmaster Pic 41

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