Consolidated PBY5A Catalina
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Here are Catalina walkarounds of the Point Cook and HARS Catalinas. I believe the Point Cook bird is an RAAF WWII veteran and the HARS airframe is a Canadian built Canso.

The RAAF flew a total of 168 Cats of different marks. Many of them were PBY5A amphibians that then had their landing gear removed to reduce weight and improve range. We have the fuselage of one such Cat at Moorabbin: A24-88. It was being used as a houseboat on the Murray, apparently!

Catalina Pt Cook
Pic 1
Catalina Pt Cook
Pic 2
Catalina Pt Cook
Pic 3
Catalina Pt Cook
Pic 4
Catalina Pt Cook
Pic 5
Catalina Pt Cook
Pic 6

Catalina VH-PBZ Pic 1Catalina VH-PBZ Pic 2Catalina VH-PBZ Pic 3
Catalina VH-PBZ Pic 4Catalina VH-PBZ Pic 5Catalina VH-PBZ Pic 6
Catalina VH-PBZ Pic 7Catalina VH-PBZ Pic 8Catalina VH-PBZ Pic 9
Catalina VH-PBZ Pic 10Catalina VH-PBZ Pic 11Catalina VH-PBZ Pic 12
Catalina VH-PBZ Pic 13Catalina VH-PBZ Pic 14Catalina VH-PBZ Pic 15
Catalina VH-PBZ Pic 16Catalina VH-PBZ Pic 17

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