Cessna 170 B VH-BUX
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This Cessna 170, a B model, is another regular at Avalon. I'm sure I've seen it there every time I have been.

Known as "round-tails" in the Cessna community, these tail-draggers were the US's best selling 4-seater in the early 50s, according to Cessna's own advertising, anyway. A quick search on the web shows that still have a huge following there and there are many outstanding examples still flying. It looks like only 10 or so were ever brought into Australia.

According to the placard displayed with this plane, it is a 1955 170B. It was shipped to New Guinea and operated by MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) in remote areas until 1965. It was brought back to Australia and used at Ballarat to train MAF pilots for over 25 years!

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