Taylor Cub J-2 VH-UYL
Walkaround Photos

I don't know much about Cubs, except that they were the original 'Bush Plane' and were used extensively in mountainous areas of USA and Canada. I remember many photos of little, Cubs, always yellow, some with floats, buzzing along through extraordinary places in National Geographic.

As always, you pick up information as you go with this sort of project. It looks like VH-UYL is a Taylor Cub J-2. I don't know the build year.

I couldn't find any info on 'Artic (sic) Flying Services' either.

These shots were taken at Avalon Airshow in 2007.

VH-UYT pic 1VH-UYT pic 2VH-UYT pic 3
Cub VH-UYT pic 4Cub VH-UYTpic 5Cub VH-UYT pic 6
Cub VH-UYT pic 7Cub VH-UYT pic 8Cub VH-UYT pic 9
Cub VH-UYT pic 10Cub VH-UYT pic 11Cub VH-UYT pic 12
Cub VH-UYT pic 13Cub VH-UYT pic 14

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