Grubby Fingers Downloads

From time to time at Grubby Fingers we generate bits and pieces for our own use that we think others might like as well, and, hey, we're generous guys who just keep giving and giving!

The sort of stuff you'll find here (and we are open to suggestions as to what else we can give away...) includes:

Paper Models, or Card Models.

The kind you print out yourself, cut out and assemble. There is a Kiwi Skyhawk so far and others will follow.

Model Bases.

Same, same. Print them out yourself and "Hey Presto!" you've got a reasonably presentable base to display your pride and joy on. I'll do more of these as time progresses including a carrier deck and an oil-rig helo pad.

Scale Drawings.

These are all drawings I have used myself to create scratchbuilt items for my own models. I'm hesitant to call these things Scale Drawings, you'd be better off thinking of them as detailed approximations. They are reasonably accurate and will give you a good representation of the subject, but don't go and try building a real one!