Erco Ercoupe 415-D VH-ERC
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I'm not sure of the build date on this little Ercoupe, but CASA website says it was first registered in Australia in late 1997, is a model 415-D and has a serial number of 1345

This would make it an original Erco build from immediately after WWII, around 1946. I read that 415-Ds had fabric covered alloy framed wings. These look to be alloy skins. Maybe it had new wings fitted at some stage. It is certainly in exceptional condition if it is a 1940's bird!

The Ercoupe was designed and built in America by Erco and first flown in 1937. The design was intended to be very safe and easy to fly. For ease of flying, there were no rudder pedals, the rudders were actuated by the control wheel in connection with the ailerons to give a steady rate of bank. The system was very effective and Ercoupes are apparently almost impossible to spin.

I found another photo of this plane in an allover red paint scheme. I have to say I much prefer this classic look! Shot at Avalon 2007.

Ercoupe VH-ERC Pic 1Ercoupe VH-ERC Pic 2Ercoupe VH-ERC Pic 3
Ercoupe VH-ERC Pic 4Ercoupe VH-ERC Pic 5Ercoupe VH-ERC Pic 6
Ercoupe VH-ERC Pic 7Ercoupe VH-ERC Pic 8Ercoupe VH-ERC Pic 9
Ercoupe VH-ERC Pic 10Ercoupe VH-ERC Pic 11Ercoupe VH-ERC Pic 12
Ercoupe VH-ERC Pic 13Ercoupe VH-ERC Pic 14Ercoupe VH-ERC Pic 15

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