Bristol Freighter
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Here’s a Bristol Freighter walkaround of the bird we have at Moorabbin and also the one at Point Cook RAAF Museum. The Moorabbin airframe has many more bits attached now so I’ll take some more pics soon and load them up.

I’ve had a big soft spot for the Freighter since building the Airfix kit as a kid. I was fascinated by the nose doors, the ramps and the fact that you could drive a car into it. I guess I wasn’t aware of Hercs and Galaxys at that stage.

Anyway, the ANAM Freighter VH-ADL, is one of our more recent acquisitions. (Do you like the way I say “our” as if I had something to do with it? I am a volunteer down there but I steer clear of the decision-making! I am happy playing with the exhibits.)

The Point Cook machine, A81-1, is ex-RAAF and has quite a history. I might tell you about it one day. (When I find out.)

Freighter VH-ADL
Pic 1
Freighter VH-ADL
Pic 2
Freighter VH-ADL
Pic 3
Freighter VH-ADL
Pic 4
Freighter VH-ADL
Pic 5
Freighter VH-ADL
Pic 6
Freighter VH-ADL
Pic 7
Freighter VH-ADL
Pic 8
Freighter VH-ADL
Pic 9
Freighter VH-ADL
Pic 10
Freighter VH-ADL
Pic 11
Freighter VH-ADL
Pic 12

Freighter A81-1 Pic 1Freighter A81-1 Pic 2Freighter A81-1 Pic 3
Freighter A81-1 Pic 4Freighter A81-1 Pic 5Freighter A81-1 Pic 6
Freighter A81-1 Pic 7Freighter A81-1 Pic 8Freighter A81-1 Pic 9
Freighter A81-1 Pic 10Freighter A81-1 Pic 11Freighter A81-1 Pic 12
Freighter A81-1 Pic 13Freighter A81-1 Pic 14Freighter A81-1 Pic 15
Freighter A81-1 Pic 16Freighter A81-1 Pic 17Freighter A81-1 Pic 18
Freighter A81-1 Pic 19Freighter A81-1 Pic 20Freighter A81-1 Pic 21
Freighter A81-1 Pic 22Freighter A81-1 Pic 23Freighter A81-1 Pic 24
Freighter A81-1 Pic 25Freighter A81-1 Pic 26Freighter A81-1 Pic 27
Freighter A81-1 Pic 28Freighter A81-1 Pic 29Freighter A81-1 Pic 30
Freighter A81-1 Pic 31Freighter A81-1 Pic 32Freighter A81-1 Pic 33
Freighter A81-1 Pic 34Freighter A81-1 Pic 35Freighter A81-1 Pic 36
Freighter A81-1 Pic 37Freighter A81-1 Pic 38Freighter A81-1 Pic 39
Freighter A81-1 Pic 40Freighter A81-1 Pic 41

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