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A Britten-Norman Islander walkaround … I didn’t even realise they were still being made! I remember seeing an Airfix kit of the Islander many many years ago. Judging by the Britten-Norman website, they are actually thriving. Yet another example of a plane that looks right flies right. They got the recipe spot on right at the start, and that was back in the late 60s.

This one was on static display at, you guessed it, Avalon 2007. (I will be taking pics at other places, honest!).

It is quite remarkable how little the design has changed. I take it the engines have been updated, and you can get turbine engines and an executive interior (Made here in Australia) if you want.

Islander N26BNPic 1Islander N26BNPic 2Islander N26BNPic 3
Islander N26BNPic 4Islander N26BNPic 5Islander N26BNPic 6
Islander N26BNPic 7Islander N26BNPic 8Islander N26BNPic 9
Islander N26BNPic 10Islander N26BNPic 11Islander N26BNPic 12
Islander N26BNPic 13Islander N26BNPic 14Islander N26BNPic 15
Islander N26BNPic 16Islander N26BNPic 17Islander N26BNPic 18
Islander N26BNPic 19Islander N26BNPic 20Islander N26BNPic 21
Islander N26BNPic 22Islander N26BNPic 23Islander N26BNPic 24
Islander N26BNPic 25Islander N26BNPic 26Islander N26BNPic 27
Islander N26BNPic 28Islander N26BNPic 29Islander N26BNPic 30
Islander N26BNPic 31Islander N26BNPic 32Islander N26BNPic 33
Islander N26BNPic 34Islander N26BNPic 35Islander N26BNPic 36
Islander N26BNPic 37Islander N26BNPic 38Islander N26BNPic 39
Islander N26BNPic 40

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