Lake Boga Museum

Lake Boga Museum
Street Address:
South of Swan Hill, northern Victoria
Phone: +61 (03) 5037 2850.

Lake Boga was a major flying boat base and repair facility during WWII. The predominant type seen here was the Consolidated Catalina, but Martin Mariners, Sunderlands and Dornier Do24s were also serviced and repaired there. The Catalina played a signifivant role in Australia’s Pacific war, particularly on long range patrol and mine-laying duties.

The Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum consists of a single ex-RAAF Catalina (A24-30) on outside display and a building housing various displays and artefacts telling the story of the base’s history. The Catalina has an interesting history itself.

You can get a bit more info from this link. The museum doesn't appear to have it's own website:
Lake Boga Museum

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