Low Loader
Walkaround Gallery

Low Loader Walkaround Gallery.

I have a modelling idea for a scratchbuilt low-loader semi-trailer rig knocking around in the back of my head and, to that end, I grab shots of low loader trailers as they present themselves. The project may never happen, but the pics have been taken. So, here's something for the truck modellers out there. They are a good reference series for raw metal and bumps and scrapes in their own right. I hope you find something useful!

Low Loader 001Low Loader 002Low Loader 003
Low Loader 004Low Loader 005Low Loader 006
Low Loader 007Low Loader 008Low Loader 009
Low Loader 010Low Loader 011Low Loader 012
Low Loader 013Low Loader 014Low Loader 015
Low Loader 016Low Loader 017Low Loader 018
Low Loader 019Low Loader 020Low Loader 021
Low Loader 022Low Loader 023Low Loader 024
Low Loader 025Low Loader 026Low Loader 027
Low Loader 028Low Loader 029Low Loader 030
Low Loader 031Low Loader 032Low Loader 033
Low Loader 034Low Loader 035Low Loader 036
Low Loader 037Low Loader 038Low Loader 039
Low Loader 040Low Loader 041Low Loader 042
Low Loader 043Low Loader 044Low Loader 045
Low Loader 046Low Loader 047Low Loader 048
Low Loader 049Low Loader 050Low Loader 051
Low Loader 052Low Loader 053Low Loader 054
Low Loader 055Low Loader 056Low Loader 057
Low Loader 058Low Loader 059Low Loader 060
Low Loader 061Low Loader 062Low Loader 063
Low Loader 064Low Loader 065Low Loader 066
Low Loader 067Low Loader 068Low Loader 069
Low Loader 070Low Loader 071Low Loader 072
Low Loader 073Low Loader 074Low Loader 075
Low Loader 076Low Loader 077Low Loader 078
Low Loader 079

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