Aviation, Military, Transport and
Maritime Museums in Australia


11 Nicholson Street
Carlton, Victoria

P: 13 11 02

When I was studying Industrial Design in the early 80s at RMIT, the Library of Victoria and Melbourne Museum was just over the road and they were two of our favourite haunts. I remember there being quite a large aviation gallery in the museum, but I can’t recall what was actually on display.

Since then it has moved to a new structure in Carlton. I have been there several times but I have not seen anything of the old aviation display. I presume it is still there, somewhere, filed away out of sight. Hopefully it will surface again some day.

Anyway, on the website they say they have a replica of the Duigan biplane (the first Australian aircraft), a prototype Black Box flight recorder, various aero engines, a CAC Wirraway, and a Victa Airtourer. I do remember there was a stunning collection of model aeroplanes too.

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