Gloster Meteor T7
Walkaround Photos

This Gloster Meteor T7 walkaround was taken at Moorabbin air museum. It's an ex-RAAF trainer. As you can see, it's been sitting outside for quite a while and is in fairly poor condition. Any volunteers to help in the restoration?

The Meteor was the first jet operated by the RAAF. The Vampire was the first taken on squadron strength, but a single Meteor F3 was flown earlier for trials and evaluation purposes. The Meteor was rushed into service in 1951 for the Korean conflict and the RAAF machines were delivered directly to Korea from England. There were no Sabres available for Australia to purchase at that time and the Meteor was the next best choice. The Meteor was outclassed by the Mig 15 and Sabre at high altitude, but could hold its own at low to medium altitudes. The trouble was, the Migs would never come down there to play! The Meteors were subsequently used more in the ground attack role.

Stbd side of nose.Stbd side of front including engine nacelle. Note lack of intake lip.Stbd side again.
General view of stbd side.Rear of stbd side.Stbd side of tail.
Stbd nose. Note the lack of guns on the T7 trainers.Nose gear and doors.Stbd nose gear door.
Stbd view of nose gear including the distinctive mud guard.Nose gear detail. I can't vouch for the completeness of the airframe.Nose view showing front gear door.
Detail pic of nose.Stbd side of nose.Stbd nose and winscreen.
Stbd front fuselage and canopy.Stbd fuselage under windscreen.Stbd fuselage under windcreen.
Stbd fuselage under canopy.Stbd fuselage under canopy.Stbd fwd wing root.
Stbd wing centre section from the front.Upper front stbd wing centre section.Inner face of stbd nacelle at wing leading edge.
Detail of inboard side of stbd engine nacelle.Detail of inboard side of stbd engine nacelle.Front of stbd nacelle. Note lack of intake lip.
Stbd wing leading edge immediately outboard of engine nacelle.Port side of nose.Port side of nose.
Port side of front fuselage.Port wing root and fuselage. Note the almost complete lack of fairing.Port side of canopy showing canopy access handle.
Detail of port side of canopy.Port wing centre section.Port wing root.
Port wing root detail from front.Port wing tip showing hole for missing pitot tube.Port wing tip showing nav light.
Underside of port wing tip.Topside of port wing tip.Underside of port wing.
Detail of outboard face of port engine nacelle.Port wing aileron detail.Port wing aileron detail.
Port wing aileron detail.Port wing trailing edge outboard of engine nacelle.Outboard of port engine nacelle.
Aft end of port engine nacelle.Overall view of tail from port.Underside of port nacelle and wing from outboard.
Trailing edge of port wing centre section.Airbrake in upper port wing centre section.Airbrake in upper port wing centre section.
Port wing trailing edge detail.Port fuselage immediately aft of wing.Tail from port.
Tail and rudder.Rudder and trim tab detail.Leading edge of tail bumper fairing.
Underside of port tailplane.Underside of stbd tailplane.Overall view of tail from aft.
Tail showing trim tab detail.Port main gear from aft.Port main gear from outboard.
Port main gear from forward.Port main gear from inboard.Stbd main gear from inboard.
Looking forward up into the stbd main gear well.Looking straight up into the stbd main gear well.Belly of fuselage and outer face of port main gear door.
Underside of front fuselage looking forward.Stbd lower dive brake bewteen fuselage and nacelle.Underside rear inboard of stbd nacelle.
Vent detail, just aft of port main gear door.Rear of canopy, looking forward.Stbd wingtip and nacelle.
Stbd wingtip.Stbd wingtip.Tailplane showing bullet fairing.
Tailplane showing bullet fairing.

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