Free Printable Model Bases

I often create my own Photoshop files to use as model bases, so I thought I'd share them here with everyone.

These files are quite high resolution PDFs and will print well at 100% to a laser or inkjet printer. You can then simply cut them to the size you want and you have an instant model display base. They don't have quite the same impact as a three-dimensional resin base or a diorama scene, but I still find them quite effective.

There are things you can do to dress them up, as well.

  • By pressing a printed base down over very coarse sand paper, the texture will transfer through thin paper and add interest.
  • You can also cut them into pieces and mount the different bits on different thicknesses of cardboard to give a three-dimensional effect, a bit like paper tole work.
  • The printed sheet can be wrapped around the edge of a thick backing sheet, hiding the edge of the cardboard and giving interest.

    Click on any of the images and a PDF will be downloaded direct to your computer.


    Concrete Apron

    Here is a basic chunk of concrete apron suitable for virtually any scale of aircraft or vehicle.

    Concrete and Grass

    This one inculdes some grass at the side.

    PSP, Pierced Steel Plank, or Marsden Matting

    Ah! The ever-present PSP.This one is even more versatile than the contrete ones. Just think about all the WWII, Korean and Vietnam war images you've seen with this stuff on the ground. From forward air bases in Italy, Korean airfields, Vietnam helo pads and artilery emplacements, aircraft revetments, mess halls, vehicle parks, I've even seen it used for cattle-yard fencing!

    More of these bases will be added as I make them for my own use. Things you are likely to see will be an oil rig helo platform, aircraft carrier deck, and a bitumen apron.

    As always, suggestions are welcome!

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