P-51 Mustang A68-648
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There are some interesting Mustang studies here showing the different hues and reflective qualities of the various alloys used in construction. A bit like the tail of an F-4, when you really look at it, it aint just silver!

This is an American-build airframe, not one of the locally produced CAC machines. According to ADF Serials website, she is not a combat veteran but was used by operational training units in the second half of 1945.

It is also reported to have been used as an instructional aid by Melbourne Technical College. If this is the case, I saw this aircraft in the early 80s in a basement at the college. It was visible from the street. One of my ID lecturers at the time told me the wings had been cut off to get it in there! It certainly shows no sign of that now.

Mustang A68-648 pic 1Mustang A68-648 pic 2Mustang A68-648 pic 3
Mustang A68-648 pic 4Mustang A68-648 pic 5Mustang A68-648 pic 6
Mustang A68-648 pic 7Mustang A68-648 pic 8Mustang A68-648 pic 9
Mustang A68-648 pic 10Mustang A68-648 pic 11Mustang A68-648 pic 12

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