P-51 Mustang Walkaround Photos

I popped in to Tyabb and took this Mustang walkaround in March 2008. The guys there at The Old Aeroplane Company were really friendly and let me take heaps of photos. Visitors are quite welcome so it is well worth a visit. They have flying examples of this P-51 Mustang, T-38 Trojan, Tiger Moth VH-BVB, and several Harvards. There is also the only P-40K Merlin-engined Kittyhawk under restoration as well as a Vampire fighter. This Mustang is co-owned by Dick Hourigan and Judy Pay.

Stbd rear fuselage.Stbd rear fuselage detail.Tail fin and rudder. That's another Harvard in the background.
Stbd fuselage under canopy.Stbd fuselage forward of canopy.Stbd wing tip detail.
Stbd wing tip from the rear.Stbd wing, just inboard of tip, from the rear. Shows aeleron trim tab.Inner stbd wing gun access hatch. I think the silver section is attached to the flap and retracts with it.
Stbd flap. Mustangs tended to droop their flaps as hydraulic pressure bled off.Stbd flap.Rudder and trim tab detail.
Bottom of rudder.Top of stbd tailplane showing elevator and trim tab detail.Stbd tailplane and elevator showing mass balance.
Detail of radio mast showing exposed timber. Note Fiesler Storch wing in background.Under the stbd stab.Close-up of stbd fuselage.
Radiator duct exit detail.Radiator duct exit detail.Stbd wing root detail.
Stbd wing root detail.Stbd fuselage detail.Fuel filler, stbd wing.
Formation lights under stbd wing tip.Underside of stbd wing showing pitot head.Profile of bomb rack.
Profile of main gear.Detail of gun barrels and gear doors.Front profile of gun barrels and bomb rack.
Looking perpendicular to main gear.Main gear from straight ahead.Main gear from straight ahead.
Front stbd fuselage detail.Stbd engine cowl detail.Stbd engine cowl detail.
Stbd exhaust detail.Spinner and carb intake detail.Chin scoop carb intake detail.
Carb intake square on.Landing light under port wing.Nose from port side.
Nose from port side.Port fuselage.Port fuselage.
Overall view. Note two harvards, Trojan, P-40, Cessna and Tiger Moth. There is also a third Harvard, a Vampire and a Fiesler Storch in bits that you can't see.Third Harvard is in front and you can now see the Vampire and the P-40. The P-40 is at engine-running stage but still a long way from flying.Another general view of the hangar.

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