Eurocopter NH-90
Walkaround Gallery

For me, seeing this bird close up and shooting this NH-90 walkaround was the highlight of Avalon 2007.

She is such a fascinating example of new technology. One of the strangest things is the smoothness of the skin. I wasn't sure at first that it wasn't just a mock-up, the skin was so smooth. I'm just not used to the lack of rivets. Remember, I was brought up on a diet of Hueys! The unusual shapes are intriguing too. I guess it's something to do with the moulding and forming processes and getting strength out of the composites.

It is interesting to note the relatively simplistic treatment of some items, such as the side windows, simply flat pieces of acrylic sliding in runners. It reminds me of my old 1960s Mini!

This helo is the Eurocopter NH-90 demonstrator, so it has some differences to the production machines. As far as I can tell, these changes will include repositioning of the side windows more rearward, different exhaust covers, revised nose, new rotor cap and the addition of the various antennae for radio and navigation aids.

The production version, which is named MRH-90 for Australia, is in service with the Australian Army. I think MRH stands for Multi Role Helicopter.Check out the difference in camo greens between the NH-90 and the Tiger parked behind it.

MRH-90 Pic 1MRH-90 Pic 2MRH-90 Pic 3
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