GAF Nomad Walkaround Photos

I spotted VH-ATO at Moorabbin one day and organised this Nomad walkaround. The Nomad has always been one of my favorite aircraft. I remember my dad, who worked in the Department of Transport, brought home a Nomad sales brochure one day. I think it was the first time I saw a cutaway and I was hooked!

The Nomad story itself is a sad one. It held huge promise but the parents neglected it and it died a lonely death. Only 172 ended up being built when the tally should have been in the hundreds. Ah well ... Now we have the GA Airvan! I believe Gippsland Aeronautics have picked up the Nomad certification.

Stbd tail under horizontal stabiliser.ORear stbd fuselageLuggage hatch.
Inside luggage hold looking rearward.Inside luggage hold looking forward.Inside of luggage hold hatch.
Rear port fuselage, just aft of luggage hold hatch.Rear port fuselage.Passenger door.
Flap actuator under inner port wing.Port fuselage below wing.Top of port stub wing and undercarriage pod showing strut fairing.
Port undercarriage pod.Mainwheel. Note low-pressure tyre.Port main gear from behind.
View of port side of fuselage. Note how far back from the wing strut the main gear is.Port wing tip showing flaps, actuators and mass balances. Note the Dragon nose on right.Outboard side of port engine.
Port side of nose showing luggage hatch.Port engine.Port wing strut upper fairing.
Underside of wing showing rego.Overall port view.Port wingtip navlight.
Port engine detail.Port prop and spinner.Rear of port engine nacelle.
Port nacelle from the front. Note the front and back colour of the blades.Port side of cockpit.Nosegear from port.
Top front of port undercarriage pod and stub wing.Cockpit with GAF logo on rudder pedals.Instrument panel.
Overhead console.Cockpit door.Stbd nose.
Stbd engine and fuselage.Stbd wing tip from front.Front-on view. Note feathered props.
Stbd nose. I think the circular mark may be where the "Remove Before Flight" pitot cover tag has polished the paint.Cockpit access steps, stbd side.Hartzell propellor logo.
Stbd engine. Notice exhaust stain on wing strut and the way the main gear doors remain ajar when the gear is down.Stbd main landing gear and pod.Underside of stbd wing. Note slotted flaps for good STOL performance.
Stbd engine detail. The engines are a variant of those used in the Bell 206 JetRanger, thus the similar exhausts.Underside of stbd wing showing strut attachement fairing.Looking up at stbd wing flaps directly behind engine nacelle.
Wing flap actuator detail.Emergency exit just aft of stbd wing trailing edge.Stbd rear fuselage
Port rear fuselage.looking up at tailplane.Rudder hinge detail.
Underside of tailplane.Underside of tailplane.Looking straight up at the underside of the port tailplane. The trim tab appears to be in zinc chromate primer.
Underside of stbd tailplane. The tailplane is an all-moving unit with a full-span trim tab.Rudder.Underside of rear fuselage.
Tail from port. Note rudder trim tab actuator and rear nav light.Port side of tail.Biy of a view of the outer face of the luggage compartment hatch.
looking forward from the passenger door. This shows the elevated cockpit.Fitted seat. I don't know if this is the standard seat type.Looking rearward from the passenger door toward the luggage compartment.
Emeregency exit on the stbd side seen from inside.Overall view of tail from port side.Port side showing passenger and cockpit doors open.
Double door arrangement, handy for parachuting and freight loading.Overall view of tail from stbd.Topside of stbd wing stub and undercarriage pod.
Underside of stbd wing stub and undercarriage pod seen from the rear.Floor hatch for aerial drops and photography.Nosegear bay looking forward.
Nosegear bay, rear end looking vertical.Nosegear from the rear.Underside of fuselage centre section looking rearward.
Main undercarriage seen from the front. Note the twin low-pressure tyres for rough field operation.Underside of rear fuselage looking forward.Underside of rear fuselage looking forward.
Passenger steps from the rear. These may be stowed on-board.Passenger stairs from straight-on.Passenger stairs.
Upper side of port stub wing and undercarriage pod.

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