Scale Drawings and Plans

Scale Drawings

Welcome to what I have called the Scale Drawings section.

Don't take the title too seriously. What I will be making avalaible here are some of the working drawings I have created in order to complete various modelling projects. I will add to them as I progress through my own builds. Having done the work to create the drawings, it seemed a shame not to share them.

As you will see, they are quite basic drawings. Just enough information to rough out the shape and then you can fill in the details from your own photographic reference. Often there will be reference pics on this site and, in those cases, I will direct you to them.

I hope you find something here of use.

Helo Landing Trolley

A very common site at any helicopter operations centre is the landing trolley. Sometimes these are on rollers or castors and sometimes, as in this subject, they are on rails. The trolleys are used as a means of wheeling a chopper back into it's hangar after operations are complete for the day. This makes ground handling a lot easier and safer. These trolleys are sometimes pulled around by small ground tractors or even quad-bikes. The subject here is pulled by hand.

Bell 205 / UH-1 Floats

An ever present danger during helicopter operations over water is that of ditching after mechanical failure. To reduce the danger somewhat, many single engined helos were fitted with large sponson landing gear to enable the chopper to alight on water. In an emergency these would at least increase the time it would take for the chopper to sink, giving the occupants more time to escape.

These drawings have been created based on numerous photographs and drawings from the UH-1 service manuals themselves. They are a type of float that was fitted to Bell 205 and 206 helicopters.

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